Halloween candy sale 2013 - Reese's Halloween Peanut Butter Pumpkins, 19.2 Ounce Bag
Halloween candy sale 2013 - Price: $22.50 ($1.17 / oz)

Everyone loves an adorable little trick-or-treater waiting at their door on Halloween. But an adult trick-or-treater begging for sweet treats? Not so much.

Just because you're too old to go door-to-door doesn't mean you should lose out on downing sugary treats all night long. In fact, if you've reached the legal drinking age, there's no reason why you can't take your childhood favorites to next-level delectability.

Halloween candy sale 2013

The candy part of the Reese Pumpkins is just like the flavor of the Charms Candy Corn Lollipops. It’s a mellow, salty sort of butterscotch without the creamy texture. I found these far brighter and more fun to eat, as the colors were sparkly, unlike the Caramel Apple version which was downright depressing with its brown and dark green. However, the sparkle in this case was created by adding some air to the hard candy, this can create sharp areas as it dissolves. Because the pop is so large, this meant I had a couple of sore spots on my tongue by the time I finished. It’s cool !!!


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