P2G 10 delivers end-to-end functionality for all burning, backup and conversion needs. Incorporating advanced disc burning with military-grade encryption, Power2Go also provides advanced media conversion for music and video files, covering the broadest range of device and media player profiles. With
Price: $69.95 & FREE Shipping

Truth be told, there are multitude of burning software available on the internet. But if you talk about reliability and quality, Cyberlink Power2Go 9 will stand out.

With this application, you can have your own compilations. It supports CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray and BDXL discs. All you have to do is drag-and-drop and burn. It’s that simple.

Do you usually encounter having to burn across discs? With Power2Go 9, you can now burn this way without having to worry about fitting everything in a single disc. The software will automatically divide your file and allocate it among multiple discs.

One of the most liked features of Power2Go 9 is its ability to copy discs and create disc images. Duplicating and putting disc images has never been this easy.

Lastly, the Desktop Burning Gadget is a sought after feature of this program. Come to think of it, just drag and drop your multimedia files and burn. In just a short while, your disc will be ready.


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